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Shopfront - What is it?

Shopfront monitors online sales, lets you access and search orders at speed and does much more besides. It can interface with carrier software allowing information to be passed to carriers despatch label software and in most cases import the consignment numbers back into x-cart. Effectively, this means no typing of despatch labels , and no copying of consignment numbers so that customers can track deliveries.

shopfronts main screen

If you have access to a postcode lookup service, then it is a simple matter to add a postcode checker at the touch of a button. Tracking pages such as this are supported within the software. Changing order status with or without mail confirmation for back orders etc. is a simple button press.

Shopfront supports html email templates so that you can create customised html emails for back orders, notice of despatch etc. The html template simply carries fields such as {ORDER} which are replaced with the relevant value as the email is created.

Shopfront was originally conceived as in house software to support our own multiple web shops. The purpose was to make the x-cart environment quicker and easier as well as add bespoke local functionality. With the software gradually evolving a period of time, we were able to add useful features rather than gimmicks. The software only includes features that do not require any changes to x-carts standard database structures. This ensures that it is a simple matter to install and try Shopfrontwithout any unwanted changes to your x-cart shop.

Shopfront is a Windows program designed to allow easy instant access to your X-Cart shopping cart software. Dealing with customer enquiries is made simpler and most warehouse/picking operations can all be made from the front end without the need to access X-carts back end administration. The idea is not to rewrite the administration routines, simply add ease of use to normal daily operations.

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The trial version is limited to a single shop. However a free three month registration is available, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 01322 280008.

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