Shopfront Update

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Latest Version:

To upgrade to the latest version simply install this version. There is no need to uninstall the existing software. All settings will be maintained, however all order history will be erased as the new database tables are installed.


  • Changed connection server to "control.X-Shops" (Bellatrix due to be retired/Upgraded)
  • BUGFIX: Improved support for Stock Control System
  • NOTE:This will be the last version available with XP support as Shopfront V2 is under development
click here to download upgrade


Previous Versions

These can be obtained upon request. However Shopfront is designed tro backward compatible and therefore all features are retained.


  • Country codes added for DPD International integration
  • BUGFIX: Updated internet check at startup


  • Splash screen has option to hide
  • Changed connection server to "Bellatrix" (Dumbledore due to be retired)
  • BUGFIX: No SKU copied in item view
  • BUGFIX: SF now attempts to remove any rogue data files after crash


  • Added support for XCart 4.5
  • Added upgrade detection and link
  • Added file association for  x-Shop Import files


  • Added support for XCart 4.4
  • General bug fixes
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