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XMOD Live Currency

This module adds an annual subscription based currency service to X-Cart that ensures your alternative currency is always up to date. Your purchase includes a two year subscription and subsequent renewals are just £10 per year. All major currencies are catered for, as primary or secondary. The module updates your alternative currency on a regular basis as users visit the site. This means that the module does not require any regular updates or cron jobs.

module settings within X-Cart

How it Works

As customer's visit the store the module checks the interval since the last update and performs a quick update as and when required. The exchange rates are obtained from our own servers which monitor several European banks.

How do I use it?

Once installed, you simple need to select your primary and exchange currencies within the X-Cart module settings. For convenience you can see the results of the last update and also schedule an immediate currency update.

XCart Compatibility

This module has been tested and is guaranteed to work with the following versions.

  • 4.5x
  • 4.6x
We have manually installed this module on earlier versions of X-Cart, however use with versions earlier than 4.4x is at your own risk.

Module Installation

If this is your first XMOD Module then you need to follow the common installation as shown on the modules installation page (xmod.php). Otherwise insall as usual using xmod.php and configure the module within X-Cart as usual.

Ioncube Installation

All our modules require IonCube to be installed and running on your server. Most hosting vendors install IonCube as a PHP extension by default. To check whether IonCube is installed, upload the install files and run <>\<xcart folder>\xmods\ioncube to launch a status page.

Module Options

Options for this module are presented within xcart in the usual fashion Note that the currency settings should be updated as soon as the module is installed.

XMOD: Live Currency (Initial Subscription)

How to buy this module

This module can be purchased directly from X-Shops or our agents. Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make enquiries about bulk purchases or reselling this module.

Updates and Renewals

Any updates for this module will be available free of charge to registered users. Where a significant update is encountered, we will send an email informing of the upgrade complete with a download link. Renewal invitations will be sent several weeks before your subscription period expires.

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