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XMOD Shopwatch

This module allows you you to view current orders and contact your customers from your mobile. Your sales data is presented in a JQuery Mobile app which works on both IPhone and Android.

How it Works

the main shopwatch window on a HTC One X The software is configured from the module settings page within X-Cart. No app or installation is required for the phone/tablet client simply access the mobile pages from your phone's browser. Adding a bookmark to your home page(s) allows you instant access to your sales.

How do I use it?

The home page shows your current orders seperated by date. This list can be filtered using the selection bar at the top, you can choose:

  • All orders (for the month)
  • Pending orders (status is "P" or "P")
  • Failed and zero price orders (status is "F" or sale is 0.00)
  • Custom filter - a user-definable filter configured within X-Cart

On each order line you are presented with abbreviated order details such as:

  • Order number
  • Order time
  • Customer name
  • Payment method
  • Tracking information
  • Billing postcode
  • Sale amount

displaying order details in Shopwatch

Order Details
Each order can be tapped (or clicked in a desktop browser) for details on your order. These order details are shown in groups. For easy access on a mobile these groups are shown in collapsible buttions simply tap (or click) the button to toggle an expanded view. The groups are:

  • Billing details (billing address)
  • Shipping details (shipping address)
  • Contact info (phone and mail address)
  • Items ordered (product list with optional product options)

Primarily for use on a mobile you have the following capabilities:

  • Single click dialling for the telephone number (Android and most IOS devices)
  • Send templated mail messages (most browsers)
  • Send templated SMS messages (Android and later IOS devices)
  • Swiping to next and previous shop when multiple shops are configured

XCart Compatibility

This module has been tested and is guaranteed to work with the following versions.

  • 4.5x
  • 4.6x
This module should work on version 4.4x, however use with versions earlier than 4.4x is at your own risk.

Module Installation

If this is your first XMOD Module then you just need to follow the common installation as shown on the modules installation page (xmod.php).

Ioncube Installation

All our modules require IonCube to be installed and running on your server. Most hosting vendors install IonCube as a PHP extension by default. To check whether IonCube is installed, upload the install files and run <>\<xcart folder>\xmods\ioncube to launch a status page.


You will need to set a password within X-Cart's module settings for Shopwatch before you can use this application. Your password can be any length (within reason) and is case sensitive.

Other settings

<xcart folder>/modules/xmod_Shopwatch/mobile/inc/
The module uses this language file for most displayed text as well as templates for SMS and mail messages. The file includes comments which explain the changes possible. Note that care should be excersisd when editing this file as it can prevent Shopwatch from working. Creating a backup before altering this file is strongly recommended.

All other options are available through X-Cart in the usual fashion. Help is available directly within the application for these settings.

XMOD: Shopwatch

How to buy this module

This module can be purchased directly from X-Shops or our agents. Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make enquiries about bulk purchases or reselling this module.

Module Updates

Any updates for this module will be available free of charge to registered users. Where a significant update is encountered, we will send an email informing of the upgrade complete with a download link.

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