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XMOD Rich Snippets

This module adds product and review Microdata tags to your xcart product pages. Google reads this data and is able to display rating comnplet with stars and pricing etc. This can make your listings stand out and helps to enhance sales.

How it Works

the rich snippets module in action X-Cart's product and review data is repeated as customer "tags". These tags are formatted according to Google's RDF microdata guidelines and on a product with reviews, your shopping sites search results can look like the image below. The actual presentation can vary according to your sites Google reputation. Note that the ratings module needs to be active and both reviews and ratings should be used for the best results. While you should not spam your own reviews it does not harm to write the very first review for your product. Do NOT mark every product with five stars, Google is attempting to list genuine ratings. If you only use Facebook reviews then Google is adamant (at the time of writing) that third party reviews cannot be submitted.

Product Page Output
the rich snippets tags

How do I use it?

Once installed and working there is no further actions required for this xcart module. To check the module from Google's persepctive use their structured data testing tool.

XCart Compatibility

This module has been tested and is guaranteed to work with the following versions.

  • 4.5x
  • 4.6x
This module should work on version 4.4x, however use with versions earlier than 4.4x is at your own risk.

Module Installation

If this is your first XMOD Module then you need to follow the common installation as shown on the modules installation page (xmod.php). Once these files files are amended then proceed with these modifications.

Ioncube Installation

All our modules require IonCube to be installed and running on your server. Most hosting vendors install IonCube as a PHP extension by default. To check whether IonCube is installed, upload the install files and run <>\<xcart folder>\xmods\ioncube to launch a status page.

Template File <your template>/customer/main/product_details.tpl

The location of the template file is dependant upon your selected template. On a vanilla two or three column xcart installation the template folder is "common_files". Many templates however change the way products are displayed and may have thier own version of "product_details.tpl" which is used instead of the default. So which one do I change? Simply look in your template directory first and if the file exists then change it. Otherwise edit the default file in "common_files"

Original Code (at end of file)

if $product_details_standalone}
{load_defer_code type="css"}
{load_defer_code type="js"}

Changed code
if $product_details_standalone}
{load_defer_code type="css"}
{load_defer_code type="js"}

{if $active_modules.xmod_Rich_Snippets}
  {include file="modules/xmod_Rich_Snippets/snippets.tpl"}

Simply copy the additional code above and add to the end of the file.

Advanced Setup

With most templates the tags should be displayed underneath the product tabs (send to a friend, related products etc.). You can place the include line elsewhere in the template to locate the tags in another position. The tags are included in a table and should display correctly in most scenarios. The module directory has a style.css which can be edited as required.

Module Options

Options for this module are presented within xcart in the usual fashion. Note that the module defaults to US dollars as a store currency. This setting should be up[dated as soon as the module is installed.

XMOD: Rich Snippets

How to buy this module

This module can be purchased directly from X-Shops or our agents. Click This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make enquiries about bulk purchases or reselling this module.

Module Updates

Any updates for this module will be available free of charge to registered users. Where a significant update is encountered, we will send an email informing of the upgrade complete with a download link.

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